I’m sitting in a German motorcycle themed café. I’ve been here for 7 and a half hours, sucked into my computer screen, dissecting my next career move and deciding how I’m going to be of use to the world.

Somewhere in between my routine of periodically scribbling on post it notes and getting sucked into my AI and knowledge management research by clicking link after link and getting lured into article after article, I retreat for a moment, finally noticing the two musicians on stage- both with very different musical styles, who started an impromptu jam session with their electric guitars, about an hour (or four) ago. I’ve been too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice how long they’ve actually been at it. I’m not even ashamed to admit it although there aren’t many people here, and I should be more aware of what’s going on around me.

Somewhere in my cloudy peripheral consciousness however, I realise they’re experimenting. They’re interjecting new notes and sequences. Finding ways to use both of their patterns and sequences of notes, and fusing them together to create and perfect the melody, which is beginning to sound more and more fluid. Like each one’s individual tune belonged collectively together all along.

Somewhere in my imagination… I revisit an ideation session with one of my clients. And I wonder… did the differing ideas ‘jam’ long enough to find their melody? Is experimentation the new mother of invention? Are we giving our ideas the right environments in which to incubate into something much larger? Perhaps Jam Sessions aren’t just for musicians, after all.

How can we make our teams Jam through the awkwardness of mismatched ideas, personalities, decision making styles, and thought processes until we find ourselves on the same tangent, co-creating new and amazing possibilities?

#jamsessions #rethinkingthewaywedowhatwedo #thisisinclusioninmotion

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