January 22


11:43 am

Do you work for your money, or does it work for you?
Financial Literacy is a tool we should ALL be equipped with.

Most people whose livelihood has been affected by the pandemic are often stressed out about their finances and feel more controlled by their limitations than in control of them.

This is a workshop for anyone who feels in need of a ‘Wealth-Mindset Reset’.

During this workshop, we’ll talk about Financial Advice and Debt Management, and even touch on a few Investment basics to heighten your FQ (Financial Quotient), EVEN IF you have very little knowledge of finance.

We aren’t stopping there. Simply because we like to do things holistically, we plan to get you on a path to thinking differently about money. Challenging your beliefs. Removing blocks you might have in your belief system about how you manage your money.

So what makes this workshop different?

We tackle the skills and the attitude in one session, and help you develop better HABITS that will help you to consistently achieve your financial goals.

And… there’s no cost to you to attend.

Because we believe what goes around, comes around, and we just want you to succeed and live your best life. So …sign up, and share this with someone who you feel needs to get a grip on their financial situation, who could use a little bit of reflection time to revamp the way they manage their money and improve their quality of life.

About us:

Sarif & Co. Is a collective of practitioners and consultants with over 20+ years of experience in helping make individuals and organisations perform better in holistic and unconventional ways. We believe in authenticity. We promote trust as a currency. We honor inclusion where we are blessed with diversity.

Please note: Link will be shared with attendees (1) day prior to the event via email.

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